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Two Healthy Foods that help to Avoid Weight Gain

Protein is a great healthy food option to help with avoiding weight gain and helps to maintain and gain muscle mass. Protein can be found in many of our foods, such as dairy, eggs, fruits, legumes, meats, nuts, and vegetables. Protein is more filling than foods high in carbohydrates and fat. Foods higher in protein increase repletion and lead to reduce overall calorie intake. A person eating high protein daily supports building and maintaining muscle mass that burns a small amount of calories throughout the day. Eating 25–30% daily calories from protein has shown an increase in metabolism by 80–100 calories a day (Gunnars, K., 2020). Studies have shown a daily intake of protein 0.7–1 gram per pound or 1.6–2.2 grams per kg of lean mass are necessary (Gunnars, K., 2020).

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