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Keep up with LaJune Singleton as she is featured as a guest and interviewed in the media.

Link to LaJune Singleton's keynote speech at Black Woman Confidential virtual conference.

Listen to LaJune Singleton's keynote speech at the Black Woman Confidential virtual conference.She shares the impact of finding her voice again and her inner strength to overcome the past that hindered her personal development and self-love.

Listen as Tiffany Boyd from Revealing Purpose Life Coaching Services interviews Personal Trainer Health and Wellness, Coach LaJune Singleton. LaJune discusses how we can change our mindset, body, eating habits and reclaim the things that belong to us from a health perspective. She also provides tips on living a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Blasian Wellness Podcast's Coach Tameka along with Sex Coach Mary interview LaJune Singleton about her story of weight gain and loss, how nutrition plays a role in our health, and how to get moving so you can get fit.

Listen as LaJune is interviewed on The Caldonia Rudd Show. Learn more about LaJune Singleton the entrepreneur and coach and find out what drives her and why making a difference in the lives of others is really her calling.

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