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Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching

Hybrid/In-person Nutritional Coaching Discuss weekly meal choices 3/6/12 Month Sessions

  • 1 hour
  • 3/6/12-Month Plans
  • In-person, Hybrid, or Virtual

Service Description

LaJune Singleton, LLC Move to Heal offers personalized nutritional lifestyle coaching to help individuals and buddies achieve and understand their nutritional goals. Each session is tailored to address nutrition, food/drink labels, awareness of eating and drinking habits, providing accountability, encouragement, and support to help you stay motivated and achieve lasting success. Our sessions are designed to strengthen you nutritionally and mentally, helping you to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. In addition, we offer weekly in-person, virtual, or hybrid nutritional coaching. Get started today and take the first step towards a healthier you *Grocery shopping assistance *Discuss weekly meal choices *Kitchen Overhaul *Understanding Product Labels *Assist with dining out menu chooses *Understanding preventions and reduction of arthritis and chronic illnesses

Cancellation Policy

No shows and after 10-Minutes sessions are canceled with a cancellation $80 fee for the session.

Contact Details

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