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Move to Heal Coaching

Health, Life, Mindset, Trauma-Informed, & Wellness Coaching Support and Accountability

  • 50 min
  • 3/6/12-Month Plans
  • Online

Service Description

Move to Heal with LaJune Singleton, LLC. Our personalized coaching of health & wellness, life, and trauma-informed sessions are available for individuals for three, six, or twelve months. We work together to eliminate self-sabotaging patterns that are impacting mind, health, life, wellness, emotions, relationships, and nutrition. You will learn to build a healthy self-relationship, self-awareness and creating the life you deserve, it starts with YOU. Our weekly appointments offer an opportunity for us to work together and achieve your health, life, and wellness goals, no matter what your current starting point may be. Let's work together to make lasting improvements to your overall life. What barriers are you experiencing? What past traumas or fears are you holding on to that are affecting your health, life, relationships, and wellness? Are you finding comfort in foods and drinks as a safety net? Is trauma, anxiety, anger, self-doubt, grief, depression, or stress showing up in your body? Let's talk what plan works for you!!!! *Accountability & Support *Payment Plans are Available

Cancellation Policy

No shows and after 10-Minutes sessions are canceled with a cancellation $80 fee for the session.

Contact Details

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